New opportunities for Sagrado Students

Many current students, as well as alumni can benefit from the services of Sagrado Careers, which are focused on improving their employability in the job market.

By Arelis Marrero González
Alumni Office

After Hurricane María, and facing the new employment reality of our students and alumni, the new Sagrado Global Education and Professional Development Center intensified Sagrado Careers efforts to offer professional development and employment opportunities.

Through the SagradoJobs platform and the career services it offers, 174 students and 27 former students have benefitted.

“Many former students are actively searching for job opportunities at the local and international levels, changing companies, or simply want support in updating their résumé. Through the new platform, SagradoJobs, we have numerous resources to support our former and present students in strengthening their employability skills,” said Cassandra Vega, Careers Advisor.

Among those who have taken advantage of the resources offered by Sagrado Careers is Brenda Padilla, USC 95, who requested services, after several of her contracts and scheduled activities were canceled.

Brenda Padilla USC’95, participa como voluntaria en los esfuerzos de Sagrado Contigo.

“In my case, they helped me organize my résumé, which I had been meaning to update for many years. The work done was excellent and the professionalism of the peers who helped me, says a lot about the type of students that the University continues to have,” said Brenda, who is a health educator and communicator.

“By giving us this opportunity, it shows how the University not only cares for its current students, but opens its doors to former students, to help us in this challenging time that we are living in,” she added.

You can write to to receive more information on the Sagrado Jobs platform.

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