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Dolphins have the time of their lives with Lin-Manuel Miranda
Through an effort that vividly exemplifies the commitment, solidarity, and dedication of our Sagrado faculty, Professors Idamaly Jiménez, Annelsa Castro,...
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Sagrado Celebrates Two of its Most Beloved and Respected Staff
We are thrilled to honor two of the pillars of our educational mission. … Sagrado Celebrates Two of its Most...
Luz Díaz: Between Creativity and Entrepreneurship
With over 100 flavors to choose from, 2011 Sagrado graduate Luz Díaz, reinvents herself to spoil the people of Puerto...
Photo by Jamil Pichardo Trinidad.
Nawon Kim: from South Korea to the Island of Enchantment
Nawon Kim, a Natural Sciences student, is a living example of all the benefits and knowledge brought by cultural exchanges. [caption id="attachment_14206"...
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Outpouring of Talent in Honor of our African Heritage
Since early October, creativity and culture have taken over our library to celebrate Puerto Rico’s African heritage. … Outpouring of...
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Be in the know! Check out these five important facts about Middle States
Discover the importance of the reaccreditation process for your academic development. … Be in the know! Check out these five...
Social Work shines in Colombia!
A year after María: The New York Times comes to Sagrado
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Journalism Students Tell Stories From the Caño Martín Peña
“The Nursing Profession is a Calling”
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Dolphins Stand Out in Renowned Scientific Congress
Sagrado, a safe environment for everyone
Pedro Avilés joins the Sagrado Corazón University Dance Team
Pedro Avilés joins the Sagrado Corazón University Dance Team
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Sagrado Debuts Projects in Communication and Entrepreneurship
Top 6 Job Searching Websites Recommended by Sagrado Careers

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