Are you currently in high school and want to take college courses? Come to Sagrado this summer

Your high school graduation day is approaching.  On that day, you will have reached one of your most important goals. By reaching that goal, you probably look forward to new challenges, such as studying for a successful and competitive career.

During the summer, campus life at Sagrado is very active since many regular students take classes during this warm season. Photo by: Néstor Méndez

Por Joey Carrillo-Irizarry
Student Success
Professional Counselor

During the summer at Sagrado, we help you move forward in your important decision by offering classes related to your professional interests with up-to-date specialized, individualized and relevant coursework.

This year we will offer classes in Business Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences, Communications, Science, Arts, and Education.

The following is a list of summer courses offered to 11th and 12th grade students:

  • ECO 235- Principles of Micro-Economics – June
  • ECO 236- Principles of Macro-Economics – July
  • GME 201- Principles of Marketing- June
  • BIO 111- General Biology 1- June
  • BIO 112- General Biology 2- July
  • ADT 201- Introduction to 3D- June
  • FOT 130- Photography in Communications- June
  • RPU 225- Fundamentals of Public Relations – June
  • EDU 201- Fundamentals of Education – June
  • ART 102-  Art Appreciation- June and July
  • ESP 106- Reading to Compose- June and July
  • FIL 101-  Logics – June and July
  • HIS 212- Development of the Puerto Rican Nation- June
  • HUM 111- The human being and its circumstances-  June and July
  • CSO 104- Contemporary Social Analysis – June

Take advantage of your time; take advantage of the summer; take advantage of Sagrado. Go for it! Succeed!