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Health fair is celebrated for the community of Santurce

Sagrado’s Nursing students during one of the health fairs in Santurce.

Photo by Cristian Torres

By Integrated Communications

Since early in the morning many people from the Santurce community gathered at the health fair of the Sagrado Nursing program. There they had the opportunity of getting their blood Pressure checked, of taking the syphilis test and receiving ulcer care from the students. Everything free of any cost.

One of these people who attended the fair was Milagros Florentino, a resident of Santurce, who indicated that she suffers from hypertension. “I’m very happy because I suffer from low and high blood pressure and at least today I knew how I had it. I also got oriented on the mosquito, the bad scenarios caused by these and how to prepare myself in case of any another catastrophe like Maria. “

Photo by Cristian Torres

Luis Santana Amador, who was also present at the fair, reported that he heard about the activity at the Fondita de Jesús. “I participated in almost all the services and everything was good. The thing that caught my attention the most was the service that was to be offered to the community by the students. “

In the event, participants were told the importance of good nutrition, how to prevent skin cancer, how to avoid the spread of the Zika and Chikungunya virus; and how to prepare for a natural disaster. They also received oral hygiene products, sunscreen, clothing, food and medicine that didn’t required any prescriptions.

Photo by Cristian Torres

The Nursing student, Kiara Maldonado, highlighted the importance of this experience in her professional training. “This is a very rewarding experience for us as future health professionals. It allows us to have direct contact with the patient, which is usually given in a laboratory, but this health fair brings us closer to a real scenario. “

On the other hand, the professor of the nursing program, Ana Vanessa Santiago, highlighted the difference that makes in the life of a student to have this contact with the community. “Our mission calls us to be supportive and that is what our students live when they go out into the community and use their knowledge to offer a service to others.”

Photo by Cristian Torres

La Fondita de Jesús, El Paraiso Hostel, the American Red Cross, Health ProMed, Prevén and MCS provided support and services during the health fair.

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