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Historic and Innovative First “Virtual Open House” at Sagrado

Through an interactive platform, high school and transfer students can get to know our campus.

Sagrado Corazón University

By Integrated Communications

As a “historic and innovative event”: that is how Sagrado’s president, Gilberto J. Marxuach, described the most recent edition of this academic institution’s Open House, which was held virtually for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This first Virtual Open House is a new tool that is integrated into our innovative project. We continue to evolve in the face of the challenges and opportunities that arise. Once again, our team demonstrated that we continue to offer a quality experience, regardless of the modality,” Marxuach said about the activity.

Through the interactive platform, hundreds of high school and transfer students had the opportunity to share directly —via video chat— with our faculty, academic advisors, and the admissions and financial aid teams.

Participants also witnessed a live broadcast where the directors of the four academic units, as well as Sagrado students and professors, spoke about the academic programs and all the opportunities that student life offers here. Likewise, local and international attendees were able to visit the university virtually.

“Virtual Open House” Interactive Platform

One of the participants who enjoyed the “Virtual Open House” was Nayeli Caraballo, from Camuy.

“I loved the experience! When the director of the School of Communication (Gabriel Paizy) began to speak in his presentation, you could tell that in Sagrado, not everything is just classes, but that you practice as you are studying. It is more than a university, it is a family; and I hope to be part of it,” said Caraballo, who will soon graduate from Luis Felipe Crespo High School and applied for admission to the Journalism program in Sagrado.

As for the director of admissions of the university, Katherine Castillo, she was also excited with the outcome of the event.

“We are very excited! The admissions team was active at all times in guiding and registering the Dolphins of the Class of 2025. We already want to see them in Sagrado!”

Katherine Castillo
Director of Admissions

To apply for admission to Sagrado, go to www.sagrado.edu/solicita or send an e-mail to: admision@sagrado.edu.

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