Professors Gabriel Paizy and Arturo Gómez Quijano Present their Latest Literary Works

A story written by Sergio Fabián Merced Díaz, participant of the 2022 Summer Camp in Journalism.

Authors Gabriel Paizy Damiani and Arturo Gómez Quijano with the participants of the 2022 Summer Camp in Journalism.

By Sergio Fabián Merced Díaz
Participant of the 2022 Summer Camp in Journalism

Note | This article was selected as the best work done by the participants of the fifth edition of the Summer Camp in Journalism, offered by GFR Media and the Ferré Rangel School of Communication.

Sagrado professors Gabriel Paizy Damiani and Arturo Gómez Quijano presented their new literary works En buen español (In Good Spanish) and Piensa, luego insiste (Think, Then Insist), respectively, at the TV-1 studio of the Ferré Rangel School of Communication (ECFR, Spanish acronym) of Sagrado Corazón University.

The activity Curiosidades, ideas e historias a dos lados del océano (Curiosities, Ideas, and Stories from Two Sides of the Ocean) provided a summary of the works, as well as laughter and humor from the authors.

For example, Piensa, luego insiste advises readers on how to focus in life. “If you have focus, if all your efforts and work are concentrated in one point, you are more likely to change your reality,” said Gómez Quijano.

Meanwhile, En buen español, by Paizy Damiani, teaches Spanish lovers its fundamentals and curiosities. “The strategy to reach young people or anyone who speaks Spanish is to awaken in them an interest in their vernacular language, through curiosities,” said Paizy, who is also the dean of the ECFR.

Professor Gómez Quijano has a degree in Information Sciences and a doctorate in Journalism. The Spanish author has 35 years of experience in the media and communication agency sector. In addition, he teaches at Sagrado and in universities in Spain.

Paizy Damiani has a Ph.D. in Latin American, Caribbean, and Puerto Rican History from the Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and a master’s degree in Public Relations from Sagrado. He is a contributor on radio, television, and the Primera Hora newspaper with his “En Buen Español” blog.

At the end, the activity allowed for questions from the students of the 2022 Summer Camp in Journalism, organized by the ECFR and GFR Media.

The author

Sergio Fabián Merced Díaz, 16 years old:

“I want to be a journalist because of the duty of this profession to inform and carry the news that affect the Island.”

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