Pursue a degree in design at Sagrado

The School of Arts, Design, and Creative Industries offers bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Photography, as well as Fashion Design and Management.

By Liz Yanira Del Valle

If you are passionate about art and design, combine them at the Sagrado School of Arts, Design, and Creative Industries, and its various undergraduate programs in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Photography, and Fashion Design and Management.

This academic offer, led by architect and designer Aurorisa Mateo Rodríguez, starts in August 2022.

According to Mateo Rodríguez, the design programs -which consist of 120 undergraduate credit hours, and 12 credit hours for minor concentrations- will address sustainability, reuse and repair possibilities, as well as the origin of the materials. In addition, they will interact with the rest of the majors in the School of Arts.

This interdisciplinary environment was recently evidenced in “Instrucciones para mirar para arriba” (Instructions to look up), the first play of the School of Arts, where Mateo Rodríguez designed the set and costumes.

Here is a breakdown of the academic programs in design:

– Bachelor’s degree | Fashion Design and Management
Minors | Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design

This program develops professionals at the cutting-edge to implement the best practices of ethical and sustainable fashion, all while providing students with design skills based on a critical reflection on the artistic, cultural, and functional value of the discipline.

“The ‘fashion marketing’ component is necessary, because the viability of resources is important,” Mateo Rodríguez told inSagrado. In Fashion Design and Management, students will participate in the Simulador Red incubator, she added.

– Bachelor’s degree | Graphic Design
Minor | Graphic design

This program develops professionals with the necessary skills to work in the design and production industry within digital ecosystems through active learning.

 “In Sagrado, the Visual Arts program has an 80-year tradition. We continue with emphasis on typography and in visual and digital communication,” the designer highlights.

Bachelor’s degree | Industrial Design
Minors | Industrial Design and Set Design

This program develops professionals within an interdisciplinary plan, providing a solid foundation in areas of art, design, and technology, followed by social and economic aspects as related to sustainability.

“We will keep the issue of planned obsolescence very much in mind. The focus will be on how we are going to design so that things do not become obsolete: think durability and ability to be repaired,” she explained.

Bachelor’s degree | Photography
   Minor | Photography

This program develops professionals in the theoretical and practical areas of photography. At the end, we will have professional photographers who know about the new communication technologies.

“It focuses on the photo essay, photojournalism, and artistic and commercial photography,” concluded Mateo Rodríguez, who has a bachelor’s degree in environmental design and a master’s degree from the Architectural Association in London.

Visit https://www.sagrado.edu/escueladeartes/#oferta to see the complete academic offer of the School of Arts. Remember: at Sagrado, we have a place for you!

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