Sagrado hosts Successful Cycle of 2023 Open Houses

Our new School of Health and Sciences opened, with its main offices located on the first floor of the San Miguel building.

By Liz Yanira Del Valle

Hundreds of students interested in attending Sagrado Corazón University participated in the Open Houses held at our Santurce campus on Saturdays, March 11, 18, and 25.

Just as in 2022, the University dedicated each Saturday to a particular school or department, in addition to a general tour of the institution guided by Sagrado volunteers and leaders. Meanwhile, fathers, mothers, and legal guardians received information on scholarships and financial aid for their consideration.

The Saturday activities also included an orientation on General Education, the academic project, and the competencies of our University: communication, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, research, exploration, ethical sense, social justice, and self-leadership. This orientation was provided by Nadesha Karina González Nieves, dean of General Education.

González Nieves emphasized the flexibility that those enrolled in Sagrado have to pursue a minor according to their interests, even if it is not directly linked to their major. She also provided details to everyone about the academic offer in General Education.

Nadesha Karina González Nieves, Dean of General Education

March 11
The day began with our School of Arts, Design, and Creative Industries, which transformed its headquarters and the Barat Sur building into a cultural center with dance, theater, visual arts, music, and creative writing presentations all by Sagrado students, because in Sagrado, you learn by doing, with practice.

Those registered went on the academic tour, led by students, teachers, and academic leaders, and a map leading them to see what the School of Arts has to offer.

“We offer 12 bachelor’s degrees and 20 minors; we have 70 teachers and over 700 students. We help them transform, connect, and undertake within an educational framework of excellence. Let’s remember that creative work is collaborative,” said Javier Hernández Acosta, dean of the School of Arts.

Javier Hernández Acosta, dean of the School of Arts, Design, and Creative Industries.
Photography program activity

March 18
On this Saturday, it was the Ferré Rangel School of Communication (FRSC)’s turn. The school was relaunched on March 14 with a new campaign, graphic identity, and a sophisticated 4K television studio. La Pecera, a studio for the production of podcasts where the leader Harold Leonard Navarro interviewed visitors to the Open House, followed.

The synthesis of the FRSC and its offer took place on TV-1, under the format of STV Noticias, a newscast for Sagrado students, which features students Héctor Álvarez and Gabriela Aponte as anchors.

“If the passion of the students is communication, this is the right place for them,” said Gabriel Paizy Damiani, dean of the FRSC, during his intervention on the newscast.

After TV-1, they turned to Elemento 360, the first media firm run by students and led by Professor Iliana Ballester Panelli. It all ended in TV-2, where academic leaders talked about the FRSC’s general offer.

“I am determined to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary communication with a major in journalism and a minor in audiovisual production. Sagrado is the best university for a degree in communication,” said Odalys González Valentín, who visited us from Rincón.

Gabriel Paizy Damiani, left, Dean of the Ferré Rangel School of Communication
Students Héctor Álvarez and Gabriela Aponte as anchors of Sagrado TV.

March 25
The Open House cycle ended with the School of Health and Sciences, which opened the doors of its new headquarters on the first floor of the San Miguel building, led by Kiebelle González Santiago, its dean.

González Santiago stressed that the School of Health and Sciences promotes “compassion; scientific rigor; and a holistic, integrative, and preventative practice.”

“(At the School of Health and Sciences) an innovative and sustainable culture of academic inquiry and practical action will be maintained. The result of these efforts will be the training of professionals who provide quality services to Puerto Rican society based on a holistic, compassionate, supportive, preventative, and human accompaniment approach,” she added.

Simulations and skills lab for the Nursing program

Dr. González elaborated on the great academic offer, the Center for Academic Research, the collaborative spaces and laboratory in general, and the simulations and skills laboratory, one of the best in Puerto Rico.

Likewise, on March 25, the Department of Business Administration presented its academic offer, which aims to develop professionals who will make a difference in the business world both in and outside Puerto Rico. Dennis Román Roa, its dean, provided guidance.

“I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences with a minor in business development,” explained Denise Machucha Meléndez, who is 16 years old, but stated that “I will not leave it for the last minute.”

René Barguez, academic leader of the master’s degree of science in digital marketing

At Sagrado, we have a place for you. Come visit and get to know our family, your family: You still have time to enroll:

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