A successful ending to the 2022 summer camp in Journalism

Two weeks of journalistic theory and practice guided by GFR Media and the Ferré Rangel School of Communication.

By Liz Yanira Del Valle

For two weeks, 11 high school students ventured from theory to practice at the 5th edition of the Summer Camp in Journalism, organized by GFR Media and the Ferré Rangel School of Communication (ECFR, Spanish acronym), in Sagrado.

The journey started on Monday, June 6, with the motto “learning by doing,” and with the guidance of Gabriel Paizy, dean of the ECFR; Rafael Lama, director of the El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora newspapers; and teachers Sara Justicia and Zacha Acosta.

“You young people are the future of the Island. With the development of social networks, the media has become more important in society. Take advantage of this great opportunity to practice and meet potential mentors,” said Lama.

The veteran journalist recalled his time as a student at ECFR and as an intern in the Business section of El Nuevo Día, which years later he led. Lama was joined by Justicia and Acosta to provide advice on the industry; photojournalist Dennis Rivera, audiovisual editor of GFR Media, also participated.

“Being a journalist is a profession that requires a lot of sacrifice, and a lot of responsibility. There’s nothing glamorous. It is a very serious job,” Justicia added.

This camp had lots of diversity in interests: for example, the arts. That fact was evidenced in the workshops and conferences in hybrid mode given by journalists, photojournalists, and editors.

“Before my brother left for Spain to pursue a degree in journalism, I helped him with an assignment where he interviewed Benjamín Torres Gotay, one of the best journalists in the country. That day, it clicked, and I discovered that being a journalist is for me,” said student Natalia Sánchez.

Like Sánchez, Heide Rivera Cruz is determined and will join the ECFR in August. Meanwhile, other candidates are still exploring options and goals, such as Gonzalo Andrés García and Sergio Fabián Merced.

The agenda for the Summer Camp in Journalism included a tour of the GFR Media production area, guided by Anamalys Meléndez, the company’s Commercial Alliances Partner.

Below is a video that summarizes the closing event, which took place at Sagrado:

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