Sagrado Debuts Projects in Communication and Entrepreneurship

In line with its unifying and innovative vision, Sagrado opens the door to new projects in communication and entrepreneurship.

By Sofía Victoria Bozzo
Journalism Student

Yesterday, with the purpose of learning by doing, the Ferré-Rangel School of Communication of Sagrado Corazón University opened the Elemento 360 communications agency and the Comunica Center for Research and Creative Studies, which arise from its desire to continue fostering entrepreneurship among its students and to help develop a sustainable economy in the Island.

Our University’s president, Gilberto Marxuach Torrós, highlighted the positive impact of these two projects.

“Through these efforts, we can cultivate knowledge to develop sound public policy that works for everyone so no one is left behind,” said Marxuach Torrós.

Elemento 360 is the only agency in Puerto Rico that is managed by students with a transdisciplinary vision combining communication, marketing, audiovisual production, and public relations, among other fields. The agency’s director, Professor Iliana Ballester, recalled the origins of this important project.

“Elemento 360 started with a table at the Student Center, without electricity, and a sheet of paper that said ‘360’, and today it is located at the new facilities of the School of Communication, where it will provide support to small- and medium-sized businesses,” the professor said.

The director of the Ferré Rangel School of Communication, Dr. Gabriel Paizy, restated the institution’s commitment to the professional future of new generations.

“In Sagrado, we are convinced that the successful growth of small-and medium-sized businesses in Puerto Rico is a fundamental element for sustainable economic development. We support and tangibly impact these Puerto Rican entrepreneurs by helping them market their products and services,” Paizy said.

Several representatives from the Centro Unido de Detallistas de Puerto Rico attended the inauguration to support the vision of this institution and on behalf of the 5,000 small-and medium-sized businesses in the Island.

The name ‘Elemento 360’ represents the coming together of the students to offer a range of integrated services.

Inauguración de Elemento 360 y Comunica

“Each one of us, the members, is an element that, when combined, make our campaigns successful. The 360 part means that we offer a service that goes full circle,” said Yariana López, graphic design artist at the agency and creator of its logo.

On the other hand, Comunica, headed by Professor Mirelsa Modestti, has the mission of generating new knowledge from which important journalistic reporting could arise for publication. Presently, they are working on two investigative projects. The results of these projects will serve as the basis for a documentary that film professor Sonia Fritz is producing.

“The first of these studies is centered on the communication challenges that Puerto Rico faced after Hurricane María, and the second one, which is more qualitative, is focused on the discourse on Puerto Rican migration after the hurricane,” Paizy said.

Furthermore, the center will work on valuable market research for various businesses and publications that will appear in its own magazine, Coloquia.

The directors of Grupo Ferré Rangel (GFR Media), María Eugenia Ferré Rangel and Luis Alberto Ferré Rangel, were also in attendance and showed their support for the initiative and those working at Elemento 360 and Comunica.

“We are looking forward to see the work you do and write about it,” said María Eugenia Ferré-Rangel.

Both centers are open to all of the Sagrado community. To become a member of either, the student must go through a recruiting process that includes interviews and evaluations based on selection criteria. And that’s it. You’re in business!

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