Luz Díaz: Between Creativity and Entrepreneurship

With over 100 flavors to choose from, 2011 Sagrado graduate Luz Díaz, reinvents herself to spoil the people of Puerto Rico with chocolate.

By Marla Figueroa-Ramos
Integrated Communications

“There’s nothing like opening a box of chocolates and sharing them with friends and family.”

There were many ingredients that served as the motivation for Luz Díaz to reinvent herself and become part of a new generation of Island entrepreneurs. Her love for chocolate combined with the aftermath of hurricane María in Puerto Rico, and a long-awaited trip across Europe led to the birth of Yours Truly Chocolat, born from the vision and effort of a young lady who was able to overcome all hardships.


“After Hurricane Maria, I was unemployed and found myself at a crossroads: what am I going to do now? Then, I took advantage of my love for candy and started to share it with people. I decided to stay in Puerto Rico because I had a glimmer of hope. There were opportunities available, you just had to dare to take the first step towards them,” she expressed.

Luz has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and a unique business style. You enjoy a sensory experience from the moment you step into the store. The truffles, which are imported from different chocolatiers in the United States and Puerto Rico, afford customers the opportunity to try different flavors and transport themselves to the owner’s favorite destinations: London, Paris, and Barcelona.

The combination of the classic ambiance of the venue, together with the background music, a cozy indoor patio, and the different flavors offered to the public make this a place to relax and meet up with friends in the Metropolitan Area.

“It’s been nice to see how I’ve been able to apply the knowledge and tools I learned in college and combine them with my work experience to create a very special concept. When you see the results of all your effort, the sense of satisfaction is amazing,” she said.

Luz has had various challenges throughout her business journey, which she has overcome with the help of different mentors found along the way. She’s also had the support of local small businesses that have not hesitated to lend a hand and form partnerships to further the development of Yours Truly Chocolat.

“The journey to get here has been unforgettable. This is my baby. It certainly has been hard and I was afraid, but I don’t regret anything. I’m extremely thankful to everyone who has contributed, especially the other entrepreneurs who, instead of competing, have searched for ways in which we can help each other out so we can grow stronger,” she said.

Luz offers a refreshing and resolute vision, and encourages people to work hard to achieve their plans. “Follow your dreams, regardless of whether your goal is to open a business or find your dream job; do your research, plan, and even if you are afraid, just go for it. Don’t give up and keep moving forward,” she said.


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