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Professional Development Support for Sagrado’s Graduating Students

These are the valuable services offered by Sagrado Careers.

By Liz Yanira del Valle

You are not alone. In addition to their academic degree, represented by the diploma, Sagrado graduates receive accompaniment and support in their professional development through Sagrado Careers.

“After completing their college years, it is normal for students to go through a process of uncertainty regarding their future employment. But in the Professional Experiences Center/Sagrado Careers, we become close with the students to support them in such an urgent and immediate transition”.

Cassandra Vega Rivera, Sagrado Careers manager

According to Vega Rivera, the most notable services for this student population include:

  • Simulated job interviews (rigorous interview practice)
  • Support in the search for employment opportunities through Sagrado Jobs and other platforms
  • Advice on optimizing professional profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn
  • Personal Brand Consulting (building synergy among the cover letter, the resume, and the profile on the platforms)
  • Advice on the preparation and updating of professional documents (traditional, artistic, creative, federal, and scientific resume and the Curriculum Vitae-CV)
  • Preparation of a digital portfolio (selection and review of content)

Furthermore, the Sagrado Careers manager added that they have organized several job fairs on campus. This past academic year, a total of 570 participants and 52 recruiters were in attendance.

In addition, she said they worked on 1,500 individual appointments last year.

We provide services for all registered Sagrado active students and alumni. I urge alumni to join Sagrado Jobs, because even if they are already employed, there are always opportunities to move to a different professional stage,” she highlighted.

Due to the pandemic, Sagrado Careers currently offers all these services remotely, something that is not so foreign to them, since they were already doing it for the Remote Nursing program.

Vega Rivera, along with career advisor Patricia Toro, are constantly looking for job offers. Both work tenaciously and move like dolphins in water so that people from Sagrado can be the best professionals in this already extremely competitive job market.

To contact the Sagrado Careers team, you can send an email to

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