Sagrado, a safe environment for everyone

To educate the Sagrado community, we met with Ivette Lugo, Title IX Coordinator, who stressed that it was vital that everyone knew that there were tools available to fight stalking, harassment, discrimination, intimidation or aggression.

By Nicole Ortiz Marrero
Journalism Student

In our pursuit to provide a safer campus for everyone, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments forbids discrimination based on gender in educational programs and activities in schools at all levels that receive federal funds. Title IX allows the institution to resolve discrimination complaints without having to involve outside entities, such as the federal government.

As part of the regulation, educational institutions should have a Title IX Coordinator who will serve as the contact person in Title IX communications and complaints.

Yvette Lugo-Morales, Sagrado’s Coordinator, explained that the federal regulation is of vital importance since it guarantees safety and fairness in educational institutions.

Her position at the university consists in: investigating incidents covered under Title IX, implementing reasonable actions to prevent any kind of discrimination or harassment situation, hold educational workshops, and revising institutional policies.

At Sagrado, we are committed to educating the community and insist on zero tolerance to any type of harassment, discrimination, aggression of any kind,” she pointed out.

The students, administrative personnel, faculty, and other university employees need to know that if faced with any kind of situation, they can communicate, in confidentiality, via telephone (787) 728-1515, ext. 1206 or email at /

By complying with the Federal regulation, we guarantee a safe campus for everyone.


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