Sagrado Student receives Hispanic Federation Scholarship

Frances Rodríguez received the support of Sagrado Careers in the process of applying for this particular financial aid.

Frances Rodríguez (Photo supplied)

By Liz Yanira Del Valle

Sagrado student Frances Rodríguez, from the Department of Business Administration, recently received a scholarship from the Hispanic Federation’s (HF) Puerto Rico Recovery and Relief Fund, which consists of a financial contribution to cover her college expenses.

This fund was established by HF in the Puerto Rico Community Foundation at the end of 2017, as a response to the aftermath of Hurricane María.

According to Rodríguez, who is working on a double major in Business Development and Tourism, she had the support of Sagrado Careers during the process of applying for the scholarship.

“I’m very grateful. They helped me in reviewing the essay I had to submit. They edited and polished it. The results were obviously favorable,” said Rodríguez, who is also president of Sagrado’s Young Business Leaders (YBL) student organization.

This is not the first time Rodríguez has sought help at Sagrado Careers, though. “Since I entered Sagrado, I have been visiting them to inquire about scholarships. I have also taken workshops, they reviewed and updated my resume, and I participate in their job fairs,” said the student, who is in her junior year.

In fact, at the last job fair organized by Sagrado Careers, the young woman received two job offers. She currently has a part-time job she got during the event.

“Sagrado students should take advantage of this resource. They won’t go to Sagrado Careers to waste their time. There, staff are committed to our well-being and they listen to our specific needs. They are efficient and friendly,” she suggested.

Rodríguez is celebrating this opportunity and continues to devote herself to her work with YBL, a student association whose main objective is to connect students with active professionals in the business world.

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