Sagrado Will Offer New Academic Programs in August 2022

The Post-Secondary Institutions Board approved a master’s degree, four bachelor’s degrees, and four minors.

By Integrated Communications

Sagrado Corazón University will offer nine new academic programs: a master’s degree, four bachelor’s degrees, and four minors as of August 2022.

“The Post-Secondary Institutions Board (JIP, Spanish acronym) approved academic programs for Sagrado in the School of Arts, Design, and Creative Industries; the School of Health and Sciences; and the General Education unit. This reinforces Sagrado’s mission and vision.”

Anuchka Ramos Ruiz,
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

The following is a description:

Master in Exercise Sciences and Physical Activity as Medicine – Develops professional skills while providing an in-depth knowledge of the functioning and capabilities of the human body, as well as how physical activity is used in the management of medical conditions.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Leadership for Social Action – Educates caring leaders who, with a solid background in liberating theology and integral spirituality, can creatively contribute to the promotion of values, human advancement, and social transformation in public or private service institutions, as well as in social groups, community initiatives, and the church.

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature – Prepares by using the knowledge and skills necessary to critically understand the process of literary creation and begin professional writing in the genres of fiction and non-fiction: short stories, novels, poetry, playwriting, memoirs, and scripts.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design – Trains professionals with the skills and competencies necessary to perform well in the design industry and digital ecosystems. Meanwhile, it offers the essential tools and knowledge to become a creative, critical designer with the ability to investigate, organize, and plan, and to understand what is needed in the market.

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design – Develops professionals at the cutting-edge who implement the best practices of product design in ethical and sustainable ways. This program integrates the concepts of the circular economy, responsible production and consumption, sustainable practices, quantitative and qualitative problems of sustainability, business, materiality, and consumer rights.

Minor concentrations were also approved in:
– Graphic design
– Industrial design
– Set Design
– Literature and Creative Writing

The university had previously announced it would offer a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Entertainment Businesses, starting in August 2022.

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